1990’ s
Oct. 1993 Established Samwoo Engineering Ltd
Apr. 1995 Built ground anchor manufaturing facility
Jun. 1995 Established Samwoo Geotech Co., Ltd
Sep. 1997 Extended ground anchor production line
Sep. 1998 Obtained venture business certification
2000’ s
Jun. 2000 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
May. 2001 Established R&D division
May. 2002 Exported ground anchor / Built new manufacturing facility in China
Mar. 2005 Won commendation of the Commissioner of National Tax Service
Jul. 2005 Built new manufacturing facility
Aug. 2006 Opened contact office in Vietnam
Dec. 2006 Obtained INNOBIZ certification
Oct. 2007 Established Samwoo AnchorTec in the Netherlands, Europe
Feb. 2008 Built ground anchor manufacturing facility in the Netherlands
May. 2008 Installed movable ground anchor production line in Vietnam
Mar. 2009 Established the branch office, Neo Samwoo Vietnam in Hanoi, Vietnam
May. 2009 Established Research & Development center
Jun. 2009 Samwoo designated as the promising small and medium business of export 2009
Oct. 2009 Won the best thesis prize with the 'SW-Smart anchor technique for weak ground'
Nov. 2009 Established CATCO
(Compressive Anchor Technology Company, LLC) in Kansas, U.S
2010’ s~ Present
Jul. 2010 Built ground anchor manufacturing facility in U.S
(removable & permanent anchor production lines)
Nov. 2010 Established Samwoo civil works in Hanoi, Vietnam
Nov. 2010 Won the award for the commendation of Knowledge and Economy Minister
Mar. 2011 Established Samwoo Construction Vietnam
May. 2011 Designated as the Promising small and medium business of export firm 2011
Nov. 2011 Obtained New technology from Korea Rail Network Authority
Mar. 2013 Mar. 2013 Made a business partnership for North and Central America with Skyline Steel, LLC