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The smart Jack was developed to uniformly distribute the stressing force to individual strands of each anchor body. Load distributive type anchors uniformly distribute the stressing load to the grout body and soil along the theoretical length of the bond zone. The spacing of the anchor bodies in this manner results in various unbonded strand lengths and corresponding elongations. The conventional center-hole jack simultaneously stresses the steel strands which, if used for this application, will result in higher forces applied to upper anchor bodies and less to lower bodies as positioned in the borehole. Applying jacking force to the anchor bodies in this manner is not efficient and may result in overstressing of steel strands and anchor failure. The Smart Jack was developed and designed with multiple cylinders so each strand is stressed independently allowing the operator to inspect and manage elongations and jacking force of individual strands. This ensures that the jacking force is evenly distributed to individual strands based on their unbonded length and that no one strand is excessively loaded.
1 Stressing wedges are located at front end of unit which results in reduced anchor tail length requirements.
2 Position of stressing wedges in unit minimizes bending of anchor tails during installation of jack prior to applying alignment load.
3 Lock-off system uniformly minimizes wedge slip.
4 Allows individual stressing of anchor bodies as required.
* Jack weight is relatively light as compared to conventional jack. Therefore, it is easier to install and transport unit.
5 Jack was independently developed by Samwoo and has been suggestively used at numerous anchor installation projects in Korea and abroad.
SW-Smart Jack Operation Mechanism

Setting SW-Smart Jack and preparing for stressing Stressing with SW-Smart Jack Stressing individual cylinders with the same load Elongation occurring due to difference in the length of steel strand Difference in elongation upon completion of stressing Initializing cylinder and lock-off anchor head after completion of stressing Completing stressing with uniformed load considering length of steel strand

Model SMJA-4P S150 SMJA-7P S200 SMJ-F7P S200 SMJA-5P S250 SMJ-F10P S300
Cross-Section 21.54cm²*4ea 21.54cm²*7ea 28.24cm²*7ea 19.35cm²*5ea 28.24cm²*10ea
Maximum load Per Rod 15.08ton 15.08ton 19.77ton 13.55ton 19.77ton
Maximum Load 60.32ton 105.56ton 138.39ton 67.75ton 197.7ton
Maximum Stroke 150mm 200mm 200mm 250mm 300mm

According to the customer's request, various specification is available for Smart Jack.