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Our Vision

Excellence of Korean anchor technology to the world

As an anchor specialist company, Samwoo Geotech is contributing to develop anchor technology in Korea by
utilizing technology accumulation and know-how for 26 years, and strive to enhance the
excellence of Korean anchor technology in the world.

  • Stabilized technology Based on civil engineering,
    we develop and manufacture ground anchors and related mechanical devices for stabilization of structures

    Client satisfaction We aim to produce safe and
    cost effective and high quality products to realize value by providing value and top priority for customers

  • Global No.1
    Anchor Company
  • Anchor Technology / R&D We expand the global market through
    development of more stable and new technologies through our affiliated research institute.

    Specialization through vertical affiliation We focus on the development of new
    products and methods by enhancing the
    R & D technological power of anchor
    system through separating R&D and product technical team

Management Strategy


Market Developing * Established world's first anchor system production process
* Developed the world's first manually removable anchor product
* Domestic sales exceeded 10 billion won


Overseas Expansion * Overseas market expansion(Local corporation/Joint Venture)
* Overseas branch foundation
* Expansion of manually removable anchor market


Anchor Professional & Vertical affiliation * Anchor professional company with vertical affiliation (New Products & Methods)
* Accelerating overseas market expansion
* Leaping to be one of the top company in the global anchor business

Speciallization through vertical affiliation

Research & Development Institute and Product Technical team are responsible for external activities such as development of new anchor system, installation method and patent & dissertation along with anchor test.
Samwoo Geotech manufactures various type of ground anchor according to its purpose and ground condition, Max brackets for installing anchors, and also manufactures fully fabricated products / parts to overseas branches and partners.

Research Institute of Technology