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In general, a design is being changed continuously based on the designer's decision. As a result, a contractor has to make a pedestal by themselves at the job-site or order a customized pedestal respectively to a manufacturer according to a changed design. Also, bending problem of steel strand, which is happening frequently due to the angle difference of a ground anchor and a borehole disrupts to secure the target load due to the loss of anchoring force. Therefore, Max Bracket provides the solution to adjust angle of anchor freely according to the changed design, and it helps to reduce the bending problem of steel strand innovatively. Moreover, it can be applied to various angles on a design, and the product quality is exceptional because of specialized and standardized production process.
  • SW-MAX BRACKET Features
    1 Angle free type bracket - The various angle according to the anchor design can be applied (2.5° ~ 45°)
    2 Preventing strand bending problem
    3 Easy to carry and install due to the light weight
    4 Welding job is not necessary to fix on wales and reuseable
    5 Simple and quick installation
Product List and Specification
Type Model No. Weight (kg) Applicable
Allowable Design
Load (ton)
Length (mm) Width (mm) Size of Waler Distance b/w Walers
Max Bracket MB-85 30.0º 23.5 2.5 ~ 30.0º 50ton 700mm 211mm 300 x 200
250 x 250
MB-85 37.5º 24 17.5 ~ 37.5º 350mm
MB-85 45.0º 30 25.0 ~ 45.0º 835mm 400mm
MB-115 30.0º 23.5 2.5 ~ 30.0º 70ton 700mm 211mm 300 x 300 300mm
MB-115 37.5º 24 17.5 ~ 37.5º 350mm
MB-115 45.0º 30 25.0 ~ 45.0º 835mm 450mm
MB-140 30.0º 26 2.5 ~ 30.0º 90ton 700mm 228mm 300 x 300 300mm
MB-140 37.5º 27 17.5 ~ 37.5º 350mm
MB-140 45.0º 35 25.0 ~ 45.0º 835mm 450mm
MB-200 45.0º 38 25.0 ~ 45.0º 120ton 900mm 234mm 300 x 300 520mm
MB-250 45.0º 44 25.0 ~ 45.0º 150ton 900mm 242mm 300 x 300 520mm
MB-290 45.0º 56 25.0 ~ 45.0º 175ton 950mm 268mm 350 x 350 545mm
MB-340 45.0º 85 25.0 ~ 45.0º 200ton 950mm 296mm 350 x 350 545mm
Installation Method

Working in pairs to install the Max Bracket One person lifts up the Max Bracket, and the other person is grabbing hold of the PC strands Installing Max Bracket on the PC strands and hanging it up with its' hook (PC strands pass through the hole of cylinder guide) After fixing the Max Bracket on the double wales, adjusting the cylinder guide for the proper angle of PC strands

Be cautious of negligent accidents
Selecting a type of Max Bracket in consideration of the angle of bore hole, design load and others
Adjusting the cylinder guide for the proper angle of PC strands after fixing the Max Bracket on the wales Handling with cares for reuse